Start a new life and career

Invest in yourself

One of the barriers to change may be your existing set of skills. Master the tools of a digital entrepreneur to enable you to start a new career in your own business. See how it works here.

See how it works!

Start a new life and career

Start a new life and career

Re-invent yourself as a professional in a dynamic and creative field for as little as R980. No recurring fees. Just your own wholly owned business. See the pricing options here.

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Buy your own business for R980 now

Buy your own business for R980 now

Buy your own business now and become a digital entrepreneur within 10 days. Earn yourself the title of web designer; web developer or digital marketing entrepreneur. Buy your business here.

Buy your business now

Looking for a new job in South Africa?

It’s not that easy! Whatever your background, education, race or age in this county. There are simply not enough jobs for everyone. Rather think about creating your own job. Your own business. Your own customers and your own staff. Not something you had in mind? Well with alt Career its possible to do this and change your life within 10 days.

Ever been asked what you do for a living – and not been able to reply?

It happens everywhere that you are asked “what do you do for a living?”. Often the answer is difficult because you don’t have a job, or the job is something of which you are not proud, or its a job recognised not to make much money, or there is no definition for what you do, or you just aspire to be able to answer that difficult question with confidence. Imagine being able to say “I run a web design company”and continue to say how you help other businesses get found on the internet in order to derive online sales to to bring awareness to your client’s brand.

Do you need a second income?

With alt Career you can start your own business and and support your family for the rest of your life. Or you can pick up the skills from alt Career and start the business as a supplementary income. Or if you already have a business you can learn how to become an online marketing guru and boost your business’ sales.

Do you envy others that are passionate about their careers?

Don’t you envy others that talk about their jobs and careers with passion and enthusiasm. Can you see yourself in that position but not sure how to get there? It starts with a career decision to want to own and run your own web design and marketing business! Yes there are new skills to be learned and you do this through alt Career and start your own business within 10 days.

Do you worry that you have insufficient to retire?

Retirement may be many years ahead, or just around the corner. You may wish to start something new, re-invent yourself, start a web design business and build a customer base to help provide an income into the future.

Are you desperate to escape the corporate world?

If you are in the corporate world you may be someone desperate to escape, re-invent yourself and get into a career and business that you love. It may be that you are older than your colleagues, or that you are being sidelined, or that you simply hate the environment for any number of reasons. There’s a solution for you with alt Career